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Do you suffer with back pain? – Avoiding Back Pain

Are you suffering from back pain resulting from long periods either sat at a desk or driving? Back pain is a common ailment and in fact will affect almost everybody at some point during their lives. The pain can be triggered by bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly. There is good evidence that osteopathy is effective for the treatment of persistent lower back pain.


A few tips for avoiding a bad back

Do you sit for long periods at a pc? It is certainly worth while getting a work station assessment, but it is important to get up from your chair at regular intervals. Regular exercises are beneficial, your osteopath can advise you on which are suitable for you.

Does your job involve repetitive tasks? Try to break things up, pace yourself. Take time to stretch and change your position.

Are you a bank holiday gardener? Spend long unaccustomed hours digging in the garden? Again pace yourself, spread the work over a few weekends rather than trying to achieve the “Ground Force” makeover in a day.

Watch what you lift and how you lift, no matter that the object is small, repeated poor bending and lifting technique will weaken your back. All these things we know and are obvious but because we are impatient or under pressure we forget to do what is in our best interest. Your osteopath will give you lifestyle advice to aid your recovery and to minimise the chances of a recurrence of your complaint. Millions of people benefit from osteopathic care each year. You could be one of them. Call me today on 020 8778 9468 and we can discuss a course of therapy for you.


Osteopathy Can Help